Happy Pi Day Everyone! Binge These Baking TV Shows To Celebrate


Good Afternoon Lovelies, 

Recently I have found myself discovering that I am addicted to something! Something sweet. Something with chocolate involved. Something where I love one person and hate another. And that is cooking shows! Baking ones to be exact!

As many of you know I adore baking. I find it so relaxing, even if it goes wrong and more importantly I love a baking show. Over the past week, I have binge watched three baking competition based TV programmes, each one just hooking me in even more.

All of which leading me to share my devoted love and addiction to them with these amazing programmes in this post lovelies. Get ready to be caked in love by these sweet treats…

The Great British Bake Off: Although I didn’t watch the first few series, once I got into the GBBO I was into it. I have fallen for many constants. Joined in conversations on Twitter and even gotten angry when a mishap takes place. Plus, I didn’t even care when it moved to Channel 4, as long as I still had it in my life.

Nailed It: Like a Buzzfeed post, this show asks the worst bakers to recreate masterpieces. It is so sweet with everyone on it, especially Chef Jacques, being so nice that it feels like a warm hug. I wish we had got this at Christmas because it is perfect binge watch material (I watched all 6 last Saturday in one go!) under a blanket whilst it is cold outside.

Cake Boss: If you have never seen Cake Boss you haven’t lived! When my friend announced that she was moving to New York for university, I included Buddy’s famous bake shop to her to go and enjoy and she said it was amazing. From larger than life cakes to classic Italian dishes, the family-run business and show is a Sunday marathon watch delight.


Zumbo's Just Desserts: I recently started watching this after finishing Nailed It and now I can’t stop watching it. I watch it in the morning, I watch it whilst working out, I just bloody love it! It is like a more brutal version of GBBO and you aren’t really sure who to vote for as it is so intense, but it is so enjoyable.

Choccywoccydoodah: Mixing chocolate and cake together, this was the first real show that got me interested in baking programmes. I have since been to both the Brighton and London stores and it still amazes me how beautiful the cakes are. The team make them entirely edible and seeing them in the flesh makes me want to throw all diet rules out the window.

Donut Showdown: Unfortunately, this show was cancelled, but this was a real charm of a show and I could spend hours watching them make my favourite foods. Even when some of the recipes were disgusting!

What cooking shows are you obsessed with lovelies? 

Blog Soon, 
Joey X 

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