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Good Afternoon Lovelies, 

If you are a blogger, organiser or planner like me, then you may find that a diary/daily planner is your lifesaver. Every year I have to have a new one. A Clean start if you will, which is filled with dates of releases, events, family matters and work-related issues. It is a small book that I keep my whole life in.

It is my planner fault that I have such a love for all things stationary and the quirkier the better in my case. Anything that looks and feels like a one of a kind is just a winner for me. So, when I heard about the Old English Co. planners, I knew I just had to tell you about them lovelies. In many different pastel shades, with a simple gold foil name on the front, the new collection is the bloggers dream. Especially mine!

Instead of being a calendar based planner, the planners feature a today’s task list, which you can tick off as you go and a small notes section within its A5 format. The perfect size for bags, desks and shelves lovelies.

With 380 pages, the planners can keep you going every day of the year and longer, which means that any mistakes you make don’t matter and a new page can begin. I love the whole look and design of these so much and think they would make any space look sophisticated and elegant. I am especially obsessed with the grey one, which is my new favourite colour and the blush pink, which would look great on my marble bedside table.

The Old English Co. have so many amazing items on their site to (check out the home section!) and I can’t wait to go on a bit of a splurge on their website (I will share with you all what I get), but I just couldn’t wait any longer to tell you about them lovelies.

Especially when I have just found out they are running a competition right now to win a set of planners, which can be found here:

To find out more about the planner’s lovelies, visit:

How do you keep your blogging in check? 

Blog Soon, 
Joey X 

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