Heading To A Comic Con Event? Keep You Cosplay In Check With These Helpful Tips!


Good Morning Lovelies, 

Comic conventions are the perfect place to dress up as your favourite TV, comic or film character. However, with all the running around and excitement it is easy for your costumes to get a little bit ruined.

Have no fear though Lovelies, because I have teamed up with Eventbrite to help make sure that you always look your best. Follow these top tips to keep your cosplay looking amazing throughout the day...

Bring extra make up/face paint: If you are queuing outside or rushing to get from one venue/hall to the next, you make up or face paint may get ruined. Bring extra so you can top it up or repair it when you next go to the toilet.

Keep safety pins handy: It is always bad if your outfit rips, however at comic conventions it is even worse as there as many people trying to win the best cosplay. If something bad does happen bring along safety pins to fix your costume. You may even make a friend if you help others fix theirs with them.

Buy some plasters: Every outfit needs the right shoes! Yet, new shoes can mean nasty blister. To make sure your shoes stay on at the stroke of midnight, bring plasters along in your bag to prepare for those nasty problems.

Wigs woes be gone: If you are worried about keeping your wig in place throughout the event, use small slide clips to keep it in place. Use the small holes at the base of the wig to fix them to you natural hair beneath.

Have fun: The most important thing to make sure your cosplay is the best is to have fun! Smile and get into your characters mood by having fun being them. Mess around with your look and don't worry if something bad happens, I promise you look great!

To find out about the next comic con event near you, sign up to the Eventbrite Registration Page, which is a great way of getting up to date event info. It is also a great way to host your own event with your new cosplay friends! Just imagine a cosplay dinner party! IT WOULD BE AWESOME!!

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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