Cadbury Have Welcomed Back An Old Friend In Time For Autumn


Good Afternoon Lovelies, 

About a year ago in Dublin I was faced with a strange sight! Never in my life had I seen it before but I was interested in! Now I am not really sure what you all think I am talking about but I am now happy to reveal that it was a bar of Cadbury Tiffin.

Combining both biscuit and dried grapes/raisins in the smooth Cadbury chocolate that we know and love, I was kindly gifted by Cadbury two bars to trial. This sweet treat was a delicious surprise for my mum, who had longed for the bar to come back to shops.

After a long battle with fans of the bar, Cadbury have done just that and revealed that it is back for good. So is it as good as people remember it being? Well, I set my mum and aunt the task of letting me know. And my cousin, who wanted to know what all the fuss was about.

As soon as I opened the packet my mum and auntie swooped in on the bar and instantly shouted about their love for it. Highlighting how much they were enjoying it with their moans of satisfaction, the pair were happy to work together on finishing the bar together.

My mum who is always honest with me stated that the bar was a real treat and the perfect thing to add to a Sunday evening when watching TV or a film in a cosy setting. I think what this means is that Victoria will be watched with the fire going and my mum enjoying this bar.

Cadbury Tiffin is the perfect treat for those of us who love chocolate raisins and chocolate digestives. If you could melt a bar down and crumble both in this is what you would get and it is a real treat for all.

It may just be true what they say – You can’t beat an original! Look out for a bar in your local supermarket lovelies! 

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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