Trespass Against Us DVD Review


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In recent years Michael Fassbender has become a formidable leading man. He is someone that you know whatever he touches will always work on the big screen (forget Assassins Creed for a second). And Trespass Against Us is one of those films.

Directed by Adam Smith, in his first feature-length outing, after directing episodes of Doctor Who and Skins, the film places a brilliant pairing of Fassbender and Brendan Gleeson together on screen. Playing father and son, the film sees Fassbender take on the role of Chad Cutler, a father in a travelling community run by his dad (Gleeson) who wishes to start a new life with his wife and children.

However, it isn’t easy for Chad to leave his community with his father causing problems that see him facing off with the police and those around him. The film is a dark story that shows how well both men can act, especially off each other, as Gleeson brings menace and fear to the story and Fassbender brings the heartfelt moments mixed with angst. Whilst Smith makes a successful first outing into cinemas.

When all placed together, the film is a true British grit film. One that definitely has that feel of classic 80s and 90s films or recent TV shows including Shameless and Skins. It is this kind of grit that has worked with audiences and it is a clever place for Smith to touch upon on his first outing. He is definitely looking up to Shane Meadows by doing this in fact.

The film does lack at moments, however, as the film fails to tell us how the families came to be living and doing the things that they do. Many moments feel like they are not fully explained because Chad and his father make it seem as though we should already know what happened. It could have been done cleverly to try and make us seem like members of the family, but if this is the case it doesn’t work so well.

Overall, the film shows us what a pairing Gleeson and Fassbender are and it is not to be missed just because of them. They know how to bring in an audience and Fassbender is taking us back to the start of his career by showing us a similar performance to that of Fish Tank.

There so I am giving the film...

3 ½ Stars

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