Wonder Woman IMAX 3D Review


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When I was a little girl my weekends were spent enjoying the likes of Xena: Warrior Princess and Wonder Woman with my dad, as we cuddled up on the sofa. They were the first TV women to make me feel powerful. When I watched them, I felt I could take on the world. And they have continued to do so throughout the years. So much so that I even won a fancy dress competition dressed in a homemade Wonder Woman outfit.

After it was announced that Gal Gadot would be featuring in a full-length feature of the female superhero I was excited. Since her appearance in Batman V Superman, which I think we can all say was the only reason to watch it, Wonder Woman has secured a firm place in our hearts. And to finally get to hear her side of the story was incredible.

Starting close to where the last film left off, the film sees Diana Prince (Gadot) receive a present from Bruce Wayne. A picture of her with soldiers, including Chris Pine’s Steve Taylor and his reliable crew members. This memory is the start of Diana’s journey, as she takes the audience back to her childhood on the island of Themyscira, the home of the Amazons. A place where she is trained for a potential war by her aunt Antiope; even though her mother Queen Hippolyta is not happy to see this. Reluctantly she allows Diana to continue to train to protect herself from the god of war Ares.

When faced with an unexpected incident Diana finds herself saving Steve, whose plane is destroyed in the waters of her homeland. After discovering more about the war happening outside, Diana embarks with Steve on a journey to help others and to stop Ares, who she believes is behind it.

There she sees the real horrors of war, whilst coming to terms with the rules of the outside world. Before heading into the biggest battle of her life and her heart. Gadot plays the role with so much power and talent that by the end of the film, you are unable to picture anyone else in the role.

She has taken the world-famous character and made her own version of the figure. One that will go on and inspire many audiences, especially young children, to be brave, to speak up and to follow their hearts. The story is refreshing and it is nice to see everything about a much-loved character being shown on screen and this is all down to the expert that is director Patty Jenkins.

Known for giving us powerful female figures on-screen, with previous films including the Oscar-winning Monster, Jenkins has awakened the DC franchise with a film that everyone involved should be proud of. Every moment has been thought about. Every shot, action sequence, costume and IMAX 3D elements have been done with a heart and head approach to the character. This film is one that Jenkins, Gadot and the rest of the cast and crew can walk away from proud of.

As for Pine’s Steve, he has given someone fun, loveable and a human hero in his own right. Gadot and Pine bounce off each other and make a believable pairing that is reflected in every scene. You don’t cringe back like other relationships on screen do, instead, you raise your arms and route for them.

There are moments though that do make the film lose a small amount of charm. Near to the end, scenes begin to lack the charm of the rest of the film, as they don’t explain anything to the audience. As Dr Poison and her team have their mission destroyed, their parts are not concluded and that is an element that you hope to see happen throughout.

Overall though, the film is a new hope for the DC Universe and everyone in it should take notice. Gal Gadot has given a new version of a much-loved character that will now go on to inspire many. Something she, Jenkins and everyone involved should lasso up (sorry, I will stop now!).

There so I am giving this wonder…

4 Stars

Blog Soon,

Joey X

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