Goodbye May, Hello June! My Monthly Favourites!


Good Morning Lovelies,

I hope you are all well today? You are? Good! That is what I like to hear, as we enter the month of June. May was a bit of a weird month lovelies, with lots of different emotions running through it. And the weather seemed to match it.

However, as we enter the hopefully sunny month of June, the sky should get brighter, clothes shorter and holidays are about to begin. Creating some amazing memories within it. But before we look at all of them, I wanted to share my favourite things from May.

Family Gatherings: At the end of the Month (and still while I am posting this) I enjoyed some quality time with brother John, his girlfriend Alexa and my nephew Leo in Blackpool. Along with her amazing family. I got to have a cosy walk along the beach, experience a lovely farm with lots of animals and go a bit overboard with shopping.

Alien: Covenant: After becoming a late Alien fan, me and my friend Amy headed to the cinema to see the latest feature in the franchise. I am now officially obsessed with Ridley Scott’s world and whilst there were a few flaws, I can’t wait to see what he does next with the series.

White Gold: If you know me well, then you know that Ed Westwick is one of my favourites. So, to hear he was going to be in a new BBC Two comedy took my interest instantly. After the first episode aired on TV, I took to BBC iPlayer to binge the rest and the spent the next day laughing a lot at the series. I need the second series ASAP.

Baking: I love to spend time in the kitchen baking and finding ways to get creative. Luckily these recipes came out well and my family, especially my nephew, have loved the Paul Hollywood cookies that I made. Looks like I will be making them again aha!

Classic Films: I made it my mission this year to try and catch all the classics I should have been watching and May was the month in which I started doing this. I now have a pile of films in my film cupboard (and bag) that I will be binging on throughout June.

Love: In May, Manchester experienced one of the worst terror attacks in the UK. It broke my heart to hear about the people who were affected at something that should have been a fun night out. After the terrible acts though something amazing was seen/experienced. LOVE. The love that we have for one another. We came together and showed how strong we are when we are helping each other and the love I saw from the amazing people in Manchester will stay with me forever. I love all of you too!

Joey X

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