Did You Catch These Easter Eggs In The LEGO Batman Movie?


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Yesterday, The LEGO Batman Movie was released on DVD, digitally and on Blu-ray and to celebrate I thought it would be a great opportunity to highlight some of the big Easter eggs in the film. If you haven’t seen it yet, this will make it even more magical for you all.

I will admit lovelies I did not write the feature, as I believe the writer deserves the credit, but I hope that you all still enjoy it as much as I did. Get ready for this super feature lovelies!

The LEGO® Batman Movie is chock-full of hidden jokes and nods towards other franchises, and even other incarnations of the Caped Crusader! As The LEGO® Batman Movie is now available on Blu-ray™ and DVD, let’s delve into the hidden references between the bricks.

Every major screen iteration of Gotham’s greatest vigilante manages to make an appearance within a few short scenes where Alfred comments on how Bruce’s inner conflict is a recurring issue - Batman v Superman, The Dark Knight Rises, The Dark Knight, Batman Begins, Batman Forever, Batman Returns and Batman (1989) all become LEGO-fied!

Some slightly more under-the-radar Easter eggs are seen in LEGO Batman’s extensive Bat-suit wardrobe with suits from almost every incarnation of the Dark Knight, along with a suit from the futuristic Batman Beyond.

Once LEGO Batman, Batgirl, Robin and Alfred band together to fight crime, the Batsuit donned by Alfred is a clear reference to the suit worn by Adam West in the 1960s!

Who’s ready for a double Easter Egg? Well, when Robin puts on a ‘Nightwing’ costume from Batman’s wardrobe it links to the codename that Dick Grayson adopted once he advanced from being a teen side kick. However, the costume more closely resembles the ‘original’ Nightwing which was a codename used by Superman in the 60s!

You might have missed the fleeting scene at Gotham City airport where we can see an aeroplane from ‘Ferris Air’ – this airline is the long-time employer of the Green Lantern, Hal Jordan! A second plane is labelled TA, for Themyscira Airways which is named after Wonder Woman’s homeland.

Suicide Squad received a few knocks, such as when Killer Croc activates the bomb and exclaims “I did something!” – taking a slight dig at the character who contributed extremely little to the films story line. Another jab at the film comes from LEGO Batman himself who states using villains to fight other villains is just stupid.

When LEGO Batman and Robin reach the home of Superman, the Fortress of Solitude, you might recognise it as it’s modelled after the one in the Richard Donner Superman movies.

Pure Villainy
Now, if you’ve treated yourself to The LEGO® Batman Movie then you’ll know that (spoiler alert) The Joker releases a barrage of villains from multiple universes from The Phantom Zone. He pulls the greatest villains from EVERYWHERE! You might have spotted Lord Voldemort, The Eye of Sauron, the shark from Jaws, Gremlins, King Kong and even the Daleks! Interestingly as Ralph Fiennes (who plays He-Who-May-Not-Be-Named in the real films) voices Alfred, Eddie Izzard voices LEGO Lord Voldemort.

The LEGO® Batman Movie is out now!

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