Denial DVD Review


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Rachel Weisz has come back with a powerful performance in Denial, as she goes up against Timothy Spall’s character to tell the real life story of Deborah Lipstadt and David Irving, who went to court after she stated his claims about the Holocaust were false.

With Weisz playing Lipstadt, the film shows the debate and the national outcry that it caused for many. From scenes in a court room to the way in which the media shares it to the public, the film shows how the two came to face each other in court and the people who influenced it.

Both actors and fellow actor Andrew Scott give career-defining performances. They have put their all in to tell this story on screen and their hard work pays off at every moment. There isn’t a moment where they are not at the top of their game, especially Weisz, who has never been as good as she is in this film.

The film was a feature that many will have sadly missed, but as it comes out on home release, it is going to be one that will get many people talking. There are many moments, where this film could have been a TV show, but either way, it works as a gripping script and plot.

As an audience, who knows what really happened, the film is hard to swallow at times and Weisz’s characters visit to Auschwitz is very emotional. But at a time when many people try to convince people that something is real when it isn’t, the film seems like a fitting feature for people to view.

There so I am giving it...

4 Stars

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Joey X

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