Sense8 Season Two Has Arrived On Netflix! Check Out Guest Reviewer Kara's Thoughts On It


Good Afternoon Lovelies,

Today marks the release of Sense8 season two on Netflix and to celebrate, my amazing guest reviewer Kara got stuck into watching the episodes, as Netflix were kind enough to let us watch the episodes before today’s release.

Kara is a huge fan of the show and I think you are going to love hearing what she had to say about the new season (WARNING THERE IS SPOILERS!). Take it away Kara…

The long-anticipated return of Sense8 on Netflix kept the same energy, pace and emotion as the first season and more. The relationship between the Sensates was stronger than ever, and it was great seeing the support and love they gave in moments of each other's lives.

This season takes a deeper look at the roots of Sensates, explores Angelica’s history and looks into the mysterious BPO, while also taking us back to the character-driven stories and connection between the Sensates. With an extra sprinkle of random Sensates from other clusters popping by to say hi (or hand you to the baddie).

The Mission Impossible style collaboration to support Sun on her quest to kill her brother was one of my highlights. I could watch the scene of Sun chasing her brother through the streets of Seoul by foot and by motorbike over and over again. The way Wolfgang locked the steering wheel needs a special mention.  

I thought Sun’s vengeance on her brother would be the climax of the season and was so surprised when that finished soon after the start of the last episode. I forgot about Whispers until he walked in and kidnapped Wolfgang. At least this gave the cluster the chance to meet up IRL in London which is something I’ve been waiting for a while. Loved how Will tricked Whispers into thinking he was talking to him in his mind and wasn’t in the room with him when he was! The hunter became the hunted and I’m excited for season 3 to see what’s in store.

Lito in a onesie eating Ben and Jerry’s ice cream was perfection. Almost as good as the time he lost his sandal.

Nomi’s speech at the wedding was really powerful and I’m glad she didn’t leave. Nomi’s dad defending her made me teary; it was something that should’ve happened a long time ago but still momentous to Nomi. Nomi and Amanita’s proposal was sweet and I hope all the cluster (and Bug) will be there in person for the big day.

Just when you think you know how the world works, Angelica appears and makes you question how she’s there when we saw her kill herself in season one.

I plan to rewatch seasons one and two repeatedly until season three is back. Hopefully, I won’t be waiting another two years.

Kara gave season two of Sense8…

4 Stars

I hadn’t watched the show prior to this season coming out, but after hearing from Kara all about it I think I may have to have a binge watch this weekend. I can’t thank Kara enough for writing such a great review and I hope you all enjoy it lovelies.

Let us know your thoughts on the new season!

Blog Soon,
Joey X

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