Orange Is The New Black Season Four Blu-ray Review


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As we prepare for the fifth season of Orange Is The New Black, the brilliant season four has been released on DVD and Blu-ray to help us all remember what happened before we binge the next series. However, if you are like me you definitely won’t have forgot what happened in the last season.

Tackling some of the biggest issues the world and media face, season four was the best season to date of OITNB. From the heart-breaking loss of a fan favourite to Piper’s normal out there ways that cause her to be hated but also pitted in this season, the show’s creators made us feel for the prisoners of Litchfield.

Unlike previous series, Piper, played by Taylor Schilling, actually takes a bit of a step back in this series to make way for some of the best performances from her co-stars including Pennsatucky, Poussey and Taystee, played by Taryn Manning, Samira Wiley and Danielle Brooks.

All of whom deserved to win a number of awards for their work in the season. Here is where the SPOILERS come in, as the series highlights wait ahead.

For many of us, season four destroyed us when we witnessed the death of Poussey. The key moment to the series and the many series to follow. When a riot breaks out in the kitchen, after Piper and Blanca are forced to stand on the tables for days, Poussey is forced to the ground by a prison officer after trying to stop Crazy Eyes/Suzanne from being hurting herself.

After many attempts at telling the officer that he is holding her to tight, Poussey sadly dies on the floor, which Taystee witnesses. As she joins Poussey on the ground and the camera pans out, there is only heart ache.

Giving us their own take on the problem of police brutality, the actors and screenwriters have given us one of the most powerful scenes in TV history of all time. The tears that fall at this moment are the only way you can react and it makes you want to stand up and riot with the women in the prison. And that isn’t the only time when this happens in this series.

When Manning’s character is raped, the emotional way in which it is explored makes you feel for her in a way that you haven’t before. Her happiness with one of the new prison officers is short lived and her bank face throughout the scene makes you sit back and take in the horrific act being forced upon her.

You don’t forget that look and it breaks your heart to think about it, as it is explored further in the show. Without the excellent work from Manning, Wiley and Brooks, the season would not be the excellent piece of art that it is.

The whole series is a great piece of TV and Netflix have no worries that the fifth season won’t be watched when it is released on the 9th June, because with so many of us re-watching it, there will be many wanting to know what happens next. Season four seems to be the series where everything is being shown, told and explored with no element being held back.

From a celebrity (who may just be the new Piper in annoyance levels) entering the prison to the cliff-hanger of an ending, which sees Dayanara holding two prison officers at gun point, the show knew exactly what it was doing when looking at how it was going to hook audiences in.

My only fear for the fifth season is that this quality may get lost. However, after confirming that it takes place where we left it and the course of three days after the events, it seems like this worry may vanish as soon as I begin watching.

The show’s creators, actors and behind the scenes talent have definitely earned this huge rating for their amazing work...

5 Stars

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