I Saw Bruno Mars On Tour And It Was Full Of 24K Magic!


Hey Lovelies,

Do you ever hear a song when you are somewhere and it just takes over your body? On Tuesday night, I had this in the middle of a Bruno Mars concert! After months of waiting, Mr Mars landed in London to open the first leg of his London gigs and boy did he deliver!

Since releasing Just The Way You Are in 2010, I have been a big fan of Bruno Mars. From his sweet fun attitude to the great showman that he is on stage, I have been hoping, praying and singing my way to seeing him and Tuesday marked the day that finally happened. For an hour and a half, he gave audiences what only you could dream of lovelies.

Flashing lights, disco dance floors and a band made up of merry Hooligans, the gig opened with Finesse from his album 24K Magic, before going into his classic much-loved songs that have made Bruno so loved by many. Making us light up with 24K Magic to exciting us all with a phone call we all were wishing we could be on the other end of during Calling All My Lovelies, the gig showed the true power of Bruno's music and how it unites us all.

Bruno and his band provided us with enough fireworks – quite literally at times - that when I think of it two mornings later, I feel like fireworks are going off in my tummy. I don’t think my brain can quite get over the fact that I have finally seen him. Even though I have the tour top, videos, pictures and programme to prove it.I may have gone over the top slightly aha!

He gave many of us a night we won’t forget and the reason I think this was is because he made the concert simple. Instead of going over the top, Bruno did what he does best and just gave us the music, lyrics, dance moves and love that we all wanted on a Tuesday night. He didn’t go over the top or make us wait long with videos that go on forever, he just did what he came to do. And that was getting us up singing and dancing along with him.

Throughout the concert, I could picture moments in my life that went with certain songs and it made them even more special to me. From dancing around my house or friends’ houses to Uptown Funk to listening to Locked Out Of Heaven on a long road trip to Ireland, there wasn’t a song that I couldn’t conjure up a memory of.

In fact, it was during his emotional performance of Just The Way You Are that I finally understood why the song meant so much to me. Back in 2010 I was 15-years-old and going through a hard time. I wasn’t happy with my body, I had lost a loved one and I was feeling like I wasn’t good enough for anyone, as I saw my friends going on dates or getting boyfriends. When Bruno released this song I listened to it so much I probably had it stuck on my iPods most played section for a long time.

Hearing him sing it on Tuesday, I realised that Just The Way You Are probably got me through my teen years. It was a song I needed to prove that there was nothing wrong with me at all. I didn’t need to be someone I wasn’t and so when it was played I nearly cried. I don’t want to be cheesy and say it saved my life, but at the concert, I realised that it made a huge impact on my life and I now have a lot of love for the song.

As Bruno prepares to play two more nights at The O2, I want to warn those seeing him that you are in for an amazing night! I am already planning the next time I can see him on tour. Bruno we love you just the way you are (sorry not sorry aha!).

Find out more about the 24K Magic World Tour by using the hashtag #24KMagicWorldTour on social media lovelies, as Bruno and his band are posting some amazing pictures!

Happy Listening,

Joey X

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