Goodbye April, Hello May! My Monthly Favourites From April


Good Afternoon Lovelies,

To me, April seems to have come and gone fast! When I was looking back over my diary for the month, I felt as though there was hardly any time at all during it but that could have been because I found April to be really busy. Who else agrees?

During the springiest month of the year, I danced, sung, gave blood and fell in love with a small baby tree. And that was only the highlights aha! April was just jammed packed with some of my favourite things of 2017 so far. Here are just a few…

Bruno Mars: Finally, after nearly 10 years I got to see Bruno Mars. I remember being so in love (I still am) with Just The Way You Are, secretly jealous when my friends got to see a little bit of him at V Festival and ecstatic when he announced his new 24K Magic World Tour. The day after Easter Monday was spent falling head over heels in love with his classic and new songs at The O2 Arena and it is something I won’t forget for a long time.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2: Whilst Bruno had my heart during the middle of April, these five A-Holes had it for the end and still do as I write this. One little being called Baby Groot in particular. If you haven’t seen it yet lovelies, you really must because it is incredible. From the moment, it started right up until the end I could fill my heart falling for it. I just need to find out where I can buy a Baby Groot now aha!

LEGO and Lush Easter Treats: For many Easter is the time of year where it is okay to eat as much chocolate as you like. And rightfully so! But as someone who isn’t the biggest Easter Egg fan (please don’t kill me!), my mum treated me to some amazing sweet treats. As I was unable to go on an Easter Egg hunt, I found myself going wild when I received this LEGO Easter Egg hunt version that sat pride of place on our windowsill during the festive weekend. I also got to have an Easter inspired bath with this gorgeous smelling Lush bath bomb, which was the bomb!

Guardians of the Galaxy Tops: Another Easter treat was this amazing Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 top from my mum. I also got a Baby Groot one, but I am unable to have that until it is my birthday. However, this didn’t bother me and I found myself wearing this top to work on Friday 28th April and then to the cinema with pride, as I snuggled up to watch the teams latest adventure. They are so comfy and Truffle Shuffle has outdone themselves with this new range. My pay day didn’t last long.

10th Blood Donation Award: During April, I had to have a few blood tests, as I have a condition in my hands that is ongoing. Thankfully I was given the all clear to donate blood during April and I am so proud to say that this was my tenth time. A few days ago, I was awarded this certificate and badge, which made me so happy. However, upon donating I found that I was helping a baby live and that is the most amazing thing about the whole experience.

Getting My Second Ear Piercing: A few days after I donated blood I decided to not let my anxiety beat me and went and got my second ear piercing. Gradually I am going up the ear, but for now, I am happy with my first and second lobe piercings. I headed to F. Hinds to get this done and the woman was amazing at helping me and doing the whole procedure correctly and quickly. I hardly feel anything now and can’t wait to change the studs in 4 weeks’ time.

Blog Soon,
Joey X

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