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On Sunday night, IMAX were kind enough to allow me and my friend Amy to a screening of Alien: Covenant at Cineworld in Stevenage. After taking a day to think about the film, I am now ready to speak about the epic Alien: Covenant.

Set after the events of Prometheus, the film begins a white room as Peter Weyland (Guy Pierce) brings to life his creation David (Michael Fassbender). Weyland who believes and treats his android creations like they are his children faces questions that change the way in which the world is viewed by David and his fellow crew members leaving a tense atmosphere all over the film.

Flash forward to 2109 and the crew of Covenant are travelling to the planet Origae-6 with 2,000 colonists on board and their new android Walter. After suffering from a terrible incident that left them morning the loss of some of their crew members, the team decide to land on a different planet which has water, wheat and other essentials. However, no animals seem to be present. Apart from the ones that lurk in the dark.

Captain of the ship, Christopher Oram (Billy Crudup), believes he has found the place from them all to survive so much so that he begins to split them up. But by not knowing what the planet is made from, his team is soon faced with horrific sickness, which turns into the form of the classic Alien monsters. Monsters who know how to make an arrival. It is soon left to Daniels (Katherine Waterston) to try and save the crew, ship and colonists, as she turns away her own pain to beat the devils that have arrived to take her team down.

Building on such a loved franchise can be hard, but Ridley Scott has given a tense and thrilling ride for fans of the film. For those who are like me and have not seen the entire franchise, the prequels just add to the beauty of watching those films for the first time. Alien will always be the best. But to be the best, you have to know how it all started and Alien: Covenant does just that. However, with such a suspenseful ending, the series is far from over.

Scott has made a cast that will stand the test of time with Fassbender, Waterson and Danny McBride all playing unforgettable characters. McBride provides a light-hearted personal connection, whilst Waterson gives us the powerful female figure that this franchise needs to survive.

Whilst Fassbender is on another level, as he plays the characters David and Walter in such different ways that you can’t help but hate and love him at the same time. His characters were chilling and left you feeling on edge as you continued to guess which one was which by the end of the film. Something that could only have been done with a masterful script and the suspenseful music the film features.

As well, the beauty of IMAX is definitely needed for this film. The bigger screen and loud sound effects make it seem as though you are a lot more immersed into the world of the characters. Plus, and this is weird for me to say, the closer you are to the screen the more you fear that your screams will not be heard in space.

There was, however, one problem I found with the film. The constant need to keep referring to the women in the film as wife. At the beginning, I don’t think there was one male character and even some female characters who didn’t say “my wife” or “your wife.” An element that was really not needed, as the relationships were easy to guess. There was also no reference to husbands within the film. Just wife.

Overall though, the film has made the franchise a whole lot more interesting and darker. Knowing that the world those in space faced could have been created by someone who was meant to be helping them, makes the experiences the characters face in Alien a lot easier to understand. There is nothing but thrills once it gets going and that is why I have given it...

4 Stars

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