The City Of The Dead DVD Review


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Horror films are strangely a favourite of mine. I love the way in which they can make your body feel like it is having a weird experience, so I decided to dive into the classic horror genre this weekend to see where this feeling all began.

Starring Christopher Lee, The City Of The Dead, is a film privileged to have the father of the horror film genre in it. His work and detail to character make this film come to life (sorry for the pun), which is something that this film isn’t working on actually showing the audience.

Following a professor, the film shows him persuading one of his students to looking into his hometown Whitewood, which use to be the place for witch burnings in the 17th century. Not knowing what is about to happen, the student finds herself mingling with the devil, as she finds that the past is still very much present.

The film has a great script and really brings a new meaning to the horror genre. Lee is as always menacing as the evil figure, but the real villain in the film is worse. There must have been a large number of meetings surrounding the way it was going to be shown on screen and they did it so well.

In fact, it is easy to see that the film has been the starting base for other directors looking to bring a horror character and villain to life. This is due to the subtle details that are still being used in cinematic features today.

This is why I am giving the film...

4 Stars

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Joey X

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