Seoul Station DVD Review


Good Morning Lovelies, 

Following on from the incredible film, Train To Busan, Seoul Station is the prequel that many of us have been longing to see!

Based in Seoul Station, the film portrays the first outbreak in the zombie apocalypse that has taken over the towns lives. Amongst them, one woman tries to ensure safety for herself but finds that she might not be as alone as she thought.

When people think of horror films they believe they have to be live action. This new feature film proves that isn't true. Without the easy access to guess or see what is coming next, the animated genre allows this story to unfold beautifully on screen. Making it become its own power force in the horror genre.

Yeon Sang-ho has directed the film to match his previous one well and his talents in both prove that he is a force to be seen. Sang-ho makes the characters seem real and the story seem terrifying. Adding new and exciting pieces to the once repeating horror genre. His characters are eye-catching and thought provoking and his plot is never once boring.

There so this zombie apocalypse is about to come to life with this...

5 Stars

Blog Soon,
Joey X

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