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Good Morning Lovelies,

Last week I launched the exciting new music page on the blog and to mark the opening of the page, I was lucky enough to interview the upcoming band, Pink Angels, made up of four amazing girls called Angee, Nikki, Tereza and Natalie. After the success of their first single, ‘Slay Mama’, which came in at #4 on the UK Dance Chart, the band have just launched their newest single, ‘Mamma Don’t Lie’. A dance song that will get you moving.

In my exclusive interview, we discuss everything from the new song, the best places to perform and who is the ultimate Slay Mama. Enjoy…

Firstly, I love the new single, ‘Mamma Don’t Lie’’ What was the inspiration behind the song?
Nikki: Thank you so much!! We wanted to spread motivation and girl power with this one. It's very important for us that our fans feel strong and happy when they listen to our music.
Tereza: We just wanted a song about girl power. It´s about the fact that if you work hard on something, you can achieve anything.

The new album is also coming out very soon. Which songs or song stands out to each of you on the album and why?
Angee: The album is on its way and will be coming out this year but we still need to make some changes. I think it's ‘’Mamma don't lie’’ because it's so different than the rest of the album.
Nikki: This is really hard. Of course, I love all of our songs but I think it would have to be ‘’Mamma don't lie’’! I love the vibe of that one!
Tereza: For me it’s ‘’The Drop”. I dance and feel very good every time I hear this song. I love the energy of the song!
Natalie: Yeah, the new album is on the way and my favourite song is Falling Again :)

‘’Mamma don’t lie’’ sounds like the perfect song for the summer, where would you love to see your music being played?
Angee: Thank you again! Oh, all around the world haha. That would be like a dream.
Nikki: I feel like ‘’Mamma don’t lie’’ would fit into every party, on the beach or even in a club. We would also love to visit some festivals and perform it there :)

Where did the inspiration behind the music video come from?
Angee: We were thinking about what would suit this kind of song best and the first thing that came up was dancing, so we wanted a lot of dance moves.
Natalie: We wanted a lot of energy in the video so we wanted choreography, lights and effects.

You have supported the likes of Little Mix and Rita Ora. What stage was it that really blew you away? And would most like to headline?
Angee: It was absolutely amazing! Still can't believe it to this day! But my favourite stage was on the festival Sun Down. It was so huge!
Tereza: I think the best one was Sun Down festival. There were 60,000 people and the headliner was Jessie J! She´s my biggest idol, so it was like a dream for me to be on the same stage.

You are currently also filming a new reality TV series, will we be seeing exclusive new material throughout?
Angee: Yes! Some behind the scenes, bloopers, etc. We are going to post everything on social media, so you'll get a lot of material :)
Tereza: We just did a pilot in Prague and last week we did some new shots. It´s called Pinks Across Europe and I´m so excited for the next shooting.

And have any of the places you’ve been to inspired any songs on the upcoming album?
Angee: Probably Los Angeles, the city of angels :) we worked there with Toni Maserati and it was a huge honour!

Girl power is on the rise with so many amazing girl bands. What advice would you all give to women out there?
Angee: Don't try too hard to be like other people. There is lots of pressure on young women these days. We want to spread the message to stay who you are and believe in yourself because that will make you achieve anything you want!
Natalie: Believe in yourself and be confident. Don't compare yourself with the models you see on TV. And stop thinking about what other people think of you.

Finally, who do you think is the ultimate Slay Mama in the industry at the moment?
Angee: Zara Larsson.  She is a huge inspiration for us! I love her music so much.
Nikki: I’ve always loved Taylor Swift. She is just such a hard-working woman :)

Check out the girl’s brilliant new single, Mamma Don’t Lie here lovelies: https://open.spotify.com/track/4pPoCQ66VdZjPUE0iNJ76e

Watch out for more music news, interviews, reviews and more very soon lovelies on the brand new page, What Am I Listening To? 

Blog Soon,
Joey X

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