Goodbye March, Hello April! My March Monthly Favourites


Good Afternoon Lovelies,

I can’t actually believe it but we are now in April! How are we already 4 months into 2017 lovelies? I feel like this year is already going so fast and believe it or not, but I have seen news stories and posts about Christmas already.

But before I get ahead of myself I wanted to share with you all my favourites from the month of March, which I felt like it flew by before we even had a chance to enjoy it fully. Thank you, March for these great items.

Holidays: After a lot of debating, looking online and trying to decide where I wanted to go, I took inspiration from the world of Disney and asked those closest to me if they would like to come with me to Disneyland Paris for my 22nd Birthday. As of the 12th July, I will be breaking my Disney virginity and heading to the most magical place on earth. If you have any tips or tricks, let me know!

Beautiful: The Carole King Musical: For Mother’s Day (we have it earlier in the UK), I treated my mum to tickets to see Beautiful and although I wasn’t sure if it was my cup of tea, I found myself getting lost in the music and the story. Carole King is now one of my favourite women of all time.

Stranger Things: Coming in late to this show, I got stuck into the show when I couldn’t leave my house due to my dad being sick. I now need to know what happened to Barb? Is Will really okay? And most importantly where can I adopt Dustin, because he is my favourite of the gang. I know I should probably love Eleven, but Dustin is so sweet.

Beauty And The Beast: I am not sure if this is my favourite film, but it was the highlight of my March, as I got to see the film in IMAX and it brought back to life my childhood. Beauty and the Beast are my favourite Disney film and this film has got me very excited for my birthday trip now.

Dove Beauty Event: I adore Dove and have for a long time, so it was amazing to get to see the first look at this year’s collection and to meet some amazing women during the talk. I am continuing to try every product I got my hands on and there has only been a few that I have found don’t work for me. But the nice and amazing thing with Dove is that what doesn’t work for you works for others, so my friends and family have been getting a chance to try them too.

NHS: A very random post but a very important one. Especially with everything that happened in my house in March. My dad sadly suffered from an unknown heart attack, fainted and then after a lot of tests was put on an emergency list for a pacemaker. In under a week, my dad was in the hospital quickly and having the operation. I wanted to make the NHS one of my favourites because if it wasn’t for them something serious could have happened to my dad and they ultimately saved him. And they have saved me enough times too. Thank you to the amazing team who helped my dad and to the amazing people who make it up!

I didn’t get to do much in March or it just went to quick, but I am just thankful that my whole family made it through a really hard month by laughing and joking the only way we know how! Let’s spread this smile further lovelies and do something amazing.

As a parting favourite that would make my April amazing, I just want you all to smile at a stranger or someone you bump into. A smile makes others happy lovelies. And that is a great reason to do it. I will start it off with this...

What were your favourite things about March lovelies? Let me know!

Blog Soon,

Joey X

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