Get A Little Piece Of Summer Early With Oykos' New Edition


Good Morning Lovelies, 

Who else is dreaming of a holiday? As soon as the sun hits, I instantly want to sunbathe in a green park with a picnic and my lovely friends. However, with the weather being undecided if it wants to be spring or winter still, I am having to find more creative ways to bring the sun into our home. An easy feat when Oykos yogurts make some amazingly sweet treats!

Since launching in 2013, Oykos has been bringing some amazing fruity delights into our homes and this summer they will be bringing the tropical flavoured edition – Piña Coco Paradise. A fruity yogurt made up of the classic Oykos Greek-style yogurt and a rich fruity layer of sweet pineapple pieces and coconut. The perfect foodie take of the classic cocktail.

When I use to drink, Piña Colada’s were my favourite cocktails of all time. I loved the sweet fruity taste that made them a little bit dangerous if I am being honest lovelies. I could drink them quite a bit aha! Now as someone who hasn’t drunk in nearly 4 years, I do sometimes miss the taste of the drink. Seeing this yogurt, therefore, made my heart beat a little bit faster.

As I knew what was in the yogurt I got my regular taste tester – my mum – to come and have a try of them. At first, she believed I was giving her the peach flavour, as the tub looks the same away from the packaging, however after lifting the lid she knew it wasn’t. The yogurt and fruit mixture have an amazing smell that instantly reminds you of sunbathing on a tropical coast line.

Though it wasn’t the smell we were interested in. It was all about the taste. My mum decided that instead of keeping the layers separate, she felt like mixing it up a bit and really went to town on the treat. The Greek yogurt, coconut and pineapple were quickly demolished as my mum found the yogurt too good to put down.

After asking a few questions, I can determine that the only way this could have been better was if the yogurt had been coconut flavoured instead of the coconut pieces. Other than that my mum really enjoyed the taste of the yogurts and suggested that she would buy them again in the future. To enjoy as a desert or a snack.

The yogurts would also be great if they were poured into ice lolly moulds and turned into an ice cream like treat in the summer months. I can already picture handing these out at BBQ’s in fact. When mixed up together, the flavours really popped according to my mum and when I suggested this idea to her she said it would be a great plan. A piece of a tropical island when stuck at home.

After seeing my mum’s reaction and from falling in love with the smell, taste and idea behind this yogurt, I have to say I think this is the best Oykos to date. I can even imagine enjoying it in December, as I plan my next holiday for the summer. I hope and pray that they don’t get rid of them after the summer because of this very reason.

When you find that a bar is named the same as this yogurt, you know you are in for a party and if Oykos want to send me to the place that inspired this yogurt I am ready aha!

Will you be trying these sweet delights lovelies? 

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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