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Do you ever dream of wearing the outfits that feature in some of your favourite films? I always do! So when Amazon Fashion asked if I would like to look through their collections and helped me come up with some amazing items that matched what the iconic characters in films wear and I was quick to snap up the opportunity.

Whilst I could have spent hours, days and months finding outfits that matched those on-screen I was helped to find the perfect top ten for you to enjoy. I am now worried about the money I am going to spend on these items aha...

Walk The Line: Inspired by one of my favourite films, I was instantly in love with this vintage looking piece that matched Reese Witherspoon’s characters in the film. Grace Karin Retro Dress, from £11.98.

The Royal Tenenbaums: Last season many designers used this film to impact their collections and the fashion in the film is still being shown on the catwalk. But nothing beats these original Lacoste dresses, which really were in the film. Lacoste Striped Dress, £140 and Lacoste Blue Dress, £105.

The Great Gatsby: Daisy Buchanan is a character that many would maybe avoid, but when the 2013 film came out, we all fell in love with her. Mostly because of her amazing look. These amazing pieces would make any outfit stand out! Babeyond Art Deco 1920's Flapper Headpiece Tiara, £9.99 and Adriana Freshwater Pearl Bracelet, £73.99.

Clueless: Every 90s child has been inspired by the outfits in this film ever since it was brought out and now is a better time than any to wear one of these tartan skirts. This trend is going nowhere and this skirt would make Cher proud. Icebreaker Women's Lodge Plaid First Layers Skirt, from £27 and Women's Plaid Schoolgirl Style High-waisted Skirt, £10.99.

Working Girl: Melanie Griffiths is fabulous in this film and her office outfits have made many change the way they dress for the office. With iconic glasses and stylish but sophisticated office outfits, this is a film that has made the office your catwalk and now you can recreate it. Women Full Rim Round Metal Circle Eyeglasses, £16 and Tommy Hilfiger Women's Ricci Bow Tie Ls Blouse, £37.

Breakfast At Tiffany’s: You cannot have a list of film costumes and not feature this film. Audrey Hepburn has inspired so many with her costume choices, but this costume is the real winner out of every film around. Nothing will ever go down in film history as much as the iconic black dress and pearls, which you can now recreate. Coast Women's Betsie Skirt, £66.50 and Kenneth Jay Lane Pearls Crystals, £135.

Almost Famous: If there is ever a character I would like to dress like, Kate Hudson’s amazing Penny Lane would be the one. From her incredible coat to the classic glasses, Penny Lane has made festival fashion stand out. Amazon Fashion will make sure Glastonbury or Coachella has never looked so good. ONLY Onlsally Crop Top Knit Vest, £9.61 and Sting Sunglasses, £57.15.

Sex And The City: These four ladies have been impacting our fashion choices since the late 90s and continue to do so, but this wasn’t seen until the 2008 film came out. Still, to this day, we are all dreaming that we had Carrie Bradshaw’s wardrobe and now with these few pieces we can begin to recreate it. Coast Women's Roxie Dress, £51.79 and Dorothy Perkins Women's Double Loop Ankle Grazer Trousers, £20.

La La Land: The most recent of films in our list, Emma Stone’s bright outfits shined on and off the screen so much that this summer we will all be wearing the bright dresses on a night out. I can imagine myself dancing around singing City of Stars in this one. Coast Women's Gracina Sleeveless A-Line Dress, £57 and Gabor Women’s Brogue Lace-Up, from £68.52.


Annie Hall: This year was the first time I ever saw Annie Hall and whilst I wasn’t sure what I really thought of the film, I was sure that I loved the costumes. Especially the most remember able one, which I wish I could pull off. Hilfiger Denim Mid Rise Basic Chino Trousers, £77.29 and Levi's Wide Brimmed Fedora, £15.73.

To find out more about Amazon Fashion or to get more pieces inspired by your favourite films, head on over to their website, where all your fashion wants can be found!

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