The Young Offenders DVD Review


Good Morning Lovelies,

As many of you know my heart lies in Ireland! I adore everything about the country and would happily move there (If you know of any jobs, let me know lovelies!). For now, though, I am spending my time falling in love with the country through the films that are coming from it. This led me to fall for the brilliant film, The Young Offenders.

Based on the real life events of two teenagers, the film follows Jock and Conor, played by Alex Murphy and Chris Walley, as they try to find a bale of cocaine which has gone missing in Cork after police seized 61 bales of cocaine, each worth 7 million euro.

Very much alike, the two boys on screen provide laughter throughout and tackle the story in a fresh light. Whilst many stories have been told like this, the real life element and the superb way in which Murphy and Walley bounce off each other on screen makes for great cinematic viewing.

As their characters face the people who want to stop them and have to do incredible acts to beat them, you know that this story is going to be very dramatic in a place known for its quiet country life. And this is what makes it such a cinematic winner.

Having been named as the fastest Irish film to reach the one million euros mark, this is a much watch for anyone. Whether you love Ireland or not, because the actors in it and the story it is based on are going to be talked about a lot.

This is why I am giving these young offenders...

4 Stars

Blog Soon,

Joey X

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