Prepare For Summer In Spring With Cadbury, Heinz And Dorco Lovelies!


Good Afternoon Lovelies, 

As spring prepares us for the warmer months ahead, I wanted to do a little post about some of the essentials we still need and will be using! I know this is a little strange but it seems like the perfect time to get us all ready for summer.

And thanks to Heinz, Cadbury and more, I have the perfect way we can prepare for the hot months, without forgetting the cosy months of winter lovelies! These products are the perfect way to make sure that we are prepared this spring.

Cadbury’s New Oreo Flavours: Now available in Mint and Peanut Butter flavour, the classic Oreo Cadbury bar has had a spring makeover. Both bars are the perfect treat to enjoy whilst out on a picnic this spring or sat inside with a good film if the weather (I do live in England, so this happens a lot) decides to turn cold again.

Heinz No Added Sugar Baked Beans: It does not matter what time of year it is, in England Beans on Toast is a must and these healthier beans will be the perfect treat to wake up or snuggle up with. I always remember watching films with a plate of beans on toast and I still love the idea of doing this on a rainy Saturday morning or night. Pick these up now lovelies!

Heinz Classic Soups: Soup is a classic dish and Heinz have always made the perfect flavours for everyone. These two very different but classic dishes are the perfect thing to make us feel as warm inside as it hopefully is outside. Just don’t wear your best white outfit, because you know how soup can be. Especially if you are being distracted by something on the TV (take it from someone who knows aha!).

Dorco Razors: Okay so this is the weirdest thing on the list, but it is a nice little treat. It is completely up to you lovelies if you shave or not and no one should judge you for what you decide to do, but I am someone who loves to prepare for summer by having freshly shaved legs. This subscription service razor will make sure you are never not prepared for that big summer event!

What do you do or enjoy to prepare for summer in spring lovelies? Let me know! 

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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