House: The Complete Collection DVD Review


Good Morning Lovelies,

Arrow Films are continuing to make some amazing cult classics available on Blu-ray and DVD, with their latest release being House: The Complete Collection, which is now out for you to enjoy!

With four films in total, the House saga follows Roger Cobb, a horror novelist as he moves into his aunt’s house and finds it to be haunted. And the residents are not ones that you would want to live with. As the saga continues, we get to meet more and more family members, who are unaware of the fate they are about to embark on.

The films showcase some of the ideas that modern horror filmmakers have taken on board and made their own. With a family affair being present in the entire series, there is a connection that those in the 80s and 90s strived to share with audiences.

However, the film lacks the series tone that they have. Making the films a fun affair to enjoy with those around you. It feels in fact like the wrong time to present the films, as the box set would be the perfect marathon affair for Halloween.

Is it time to start preparing for it yet? It might be as I am giving the films…

4 Stars

Blog Soon,

Joey X

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