Happy 60th Birthday Dove! An Exclusive Look At Their New Products!


Good Afternoon Lovelies, 

Last night something really lovely happened! Wednesday are actually becoming my favourite night of the week, because something magical always happens on them, such as when I saw Coldplay or last night’s amazing Dove 60th Birthday event.

Held on Conduit Street, the company were kind enough to send me a car, which made me look very fancy as I left work aha! From there I got lost in the magic of Central London, as I was whisked off to the secret location where their event was being held. Upon arrival, I was welcomed with food and drinks at a Great Gatsby inspired bar, before working my way around the building to look at different products that are going to be launched this year by the company.

Starting the tour was the introduction from the fake tan team. After years and continuing success of their famous gradual tan, Dove are this year releasing a new shimmer based gradual tan cream. As part of their Summer Revived range, the shimmering cream instantly reminded me of the gorgeous look we have after holidays abroad. The smell was nothing like the biscuit smell that others have and it was a really nice lotion based product.

After trying this lovely cream, we were moved on to the next area, which looked at the new fragrances that were going to be in enjoying over the next few months and the improved formulas that they have been coming up with these. These new scents will be across their deodorants, body lotions and shampoo and conditioners and have been built to make sure that you are left with soft skin that it isn’t greasy.

As we spoke, one of the great members of the team was on hand to show us just how greasy some competitors were, how moisturised our skin was and how they came up with the new fragrances. Trust me when I say lovelies that you are going to love the new pear smell that they are going to bring out later in the year. It is summer wrapped up in a bottle.

Once we had discovered the world of beauty upstairs, we were taken downstairs to find out how the wonders of the world influenced their choices. From Japan to India, the scents have been built with the knowledge and beauty secrets women around the world told them about. From coconut oil to mango, there is really a smell for everyone. Although I did have to step away from the Lavender one, as Lavender weirdly makes me feel a little ill (anyone else?).


In the corner of this room was one of my favourite things about the night lovelies. Lit brightly in the mirrored room, there was a tree that held some of the best beauty secrets from everyone who came to the event that they felt made them feel beautiful. I loved the simple ones which said smile but there were some really useful ones too. But overall I loved it because it had a uniting factor that we could all enjoy.

After writing my message for the tree, we moved on to the hair care ranges and I now have a solution to my hair problem! Oh yes, finally it has been solved in the form of the Oxygen Release collection that the team have brought out. I will let you all know how this goes lovelies.

Moving into the next section, I found my dreams in a bottle. Out now, the company have transformed their classic soap bar (did you know that it is 60 years old?!?) into a shower foam, along with a number of other scents. My personal favourite was the pistachio one, which I will be bulk buying lovelies. The foam is thick and moisturising and the team were happy to show us just how much it was in a clever mirror test.

In the second to last room, we were treated to a very exclusive sneak peek of the brand new Dove baby range. I cannot tell you how cute these bottles are and I would happily use them on myself. They are built to help mums and dads when they are bathing the baby and the bottles will definitely be stylish in your bathroom. Plus the whole range won’t take up much room.

Finally, we were whisked into a very cool room where a talk took place with some of the most inspiring women I have ever met. Cherry Healey is my new hero and I want her to be my life coach in everything. Plus she didn’t mind when I told her that I loved her suit a lot aha!

Before heading home in the lovely car the company provided me with, I made sure to grab a few hand drawn pieces from Cheryl Rawlings, which are now proudly framed in my house and a tonne of Dove goodies. I didn’t think I had taken as much as I did but I am going to be smelling and feeling gorgeous for the rest of the year with these treats.

I can’t thank Dove and Golin enough for the lovely night and I look forward to introducing to all the ladies in my life these amazing products. I can’t wait for summer now either! Bring it on lovelies!

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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