Ghost In The Shell And Tumblr Join Together For Paris Fashion Week


Good Morning Lovelies, 

Created by Tumblr, an exciting event will be hosted in Paris tonight to celebrate the upcoming film, Ghost In The Shell and the fashion forward technology that is being brought to life, not only in the film but in real life too.

Unavailable until the 10th March online, the show is due to be a huge hit with many stars turning up to enjoy the tech-filled day, including Viktoria Modesta, the ‘Bionic Pop Star’ who’s single Prototype inspired elements of this event through its exploration of fashion, art and technology.

Others who involved in the fashion/technology event include, WiseWear, who created innovative products to make electronics in the clothes invisible, turning them into everyday items that we can wear and work with.

As well as this, Cutecircuit, will be on hand to showcase their collections made of smart textiles and microelectronics to create both ready to wear and haute couture items. Pieces include a Kinetic Dress which reacts to the wearer's surroundings and mood to a dress which can receive and display tweets in real time.

Also at the event will be EMEL+ARIS, who created a Smart Coat, which had Far Infrared technology to warm the muscles of the wearer, improving circulation to allow the wearer's whole body to feel warm. The luxury jacket for men and women is designed to bridge the gap between fashion and function with six of the garments available to trial at the event.

Silvia Dado who creates shoes that are built to work with the movement of the body and fashion, as she creates sports footwear with extra abilities, will also showcase at the event. To celebrate the film, she created a Kinetic Traces collection of Hydraulic Heels which uses springs, rubber balls and pneumatic hydraulics to absorb shock.

I can’t wait to see the collections and the best of the event on the exclusive Tumblr page from the 10th March lovelies and you can catch the film on the 31st March lovelies! 

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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