Foodie Thursday! These New Doritos Will Spice Up Your Next Film Night


Good Afternoon Lovelies,

Yesterday, I told you all about the lovely new foods that would make your next film night or cinema trip more exciting and now I have another one to share with you. This one, however, is a little bit hot so it may be best to enjoy this something cool and sweet.

Newly released by Doritos, the company have announced their newest and hottest flavours yet, as they mix BBQ and Chipotle Cream with the hottest chillies around. When you first taste these, the flavours are not hot but give it a few moments and you will be feeling the burn lovelies.

Kindly Doritos sent me some of the bags to try and I had to call upon my taste tester mum to do this one. Not only because I didn’t want her to know what the flavours were before she tried them, but because I also can’t handle hot stuff and I could tell from the smell when I opened the bag that these were going to be spicy.

Starting with the BBQ and Chilli flavour, my mum was quick to say that they were like a tangy BBQ before announcing that she was getting the chilli flavour coming through. Out of the two flavours, my mum said this was the hotter one of the two and probably the one that she would have with some sour cream to help her die it down a little bit.

After witnessing this reaction, I was glad I had left the Chipotle Cream and Chilli flavour until last. Once she had tried the crisp, my mum was quick to announce that she loved the creamy taste of this one. She said that she could enjoy this one a little bit more and felt like this would be the best thing to put out at an event, as a treat for those who like hot or normal flavours.

The bags are pretty big and could easily be shared lovelies, which is why I think this would make the perfect share bag when at the cinema or at home. They have been created to be a treat that everyone can enjoy and whilst I probably wouldn’t have been able to handle them, this would be the perfect thing to shock or excite people with.

Out now in local shops and supermarkets, you can look out for this new treat on your next shop lovelies. They are the perfect treats to enjoy with others or on your own if you love a bit of spice.

Blog Soon,

Joey X

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