Tower Of London DVD Review


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Starring the late great Vincent Price and directed by Roger Corman, the gothic story of Tower of London brought horror to the world in 1962. And now it is back to bring even more terror to the world, as it is released on Blu-Ray and DVD.

After creating and making Edgar Allan Poe’s films into classics, the power team came back to bring this story about Richard of Gloucester, the brother to the dying king, as he tries to take over the throne. However, it doesn’t go to plan when his brother manages to take the title before he is able to. This leads Richard to begin a rage of murders leading to horrific consequences.

For the times in which this film would have been made, the film is a dark and gothic story that would have definitely been a joy or thrill should I say for the members watching it back in the 60s. Now audiences will delight in the first look at how horror was touched upon with the genre’s hero Price.

With elements of theatre and Shakespearean traits, the film is definitely going to become a cult hit for the horror fans out there and so I am giving it...

4 Stars

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