The Perfect Friday Night In With Hungryhouse And These Great Films


Good Afternoon Lovelies,

And how are you all today? I am starting the day off with a bit of a foodie post, because let’s be honest who doesn’t dream about it 24/7?!? I think about food a lot and when I was asked by Hungryhouse if I would like to work with them on a fun post to tie in last week’s Chinese New Year and the great Friday night takeaway, I jumped at the chance.

To celebrate the Chinese New Year, hungryhouse announced that they have created the world’s first Chinese-takeaway infused incense sticks. The incense are scented in three tasty takeaway flavours set to make your stomach rumble- including Sweet & Sour, Peking Duck and Black Bean Sauce. The perfect scents for a takeaway night.

In our house, Saturday nights are normally our takeaway nights, but with a bit of madness happening recently with Christmas and family members arriving at unexpected times, my family’s tradition is changing. Honestly, our house has got that Friday feeling.

Mixing together a takeaway and a film is always a good way to get the weekend started. In this post, I will be celebrating the best films to watch with a takeaway to celebrate the Chinese New Year, which I hope will inspire all of you tonight...

1. Pork Balls and House of Flying Dangers: If a food fight was to break out when watching this film, it would have to be called the House of Flying Pork Balls. They can cause a lot of trouble when deciding who gets to eat the last one.

2. Chicken Chow Mein and Sex and the City: I don’t know how many Friday night’s I have spent in watching this film and the girls always turn to the great Chinese takeaway as their comfort food. It is the perfect sharing food if you can bear to share that is.

3. Sesame Prawn Toast and The King’s Speech: This Chinese takeaway masterpiece deserves to have the royal treatment, so sit down and enjoy The King’s Speech with this classic dish. However, I will warn you that they are dangerous as once you start eating them you can’t stop.

4. Egg Fried Rice and Clueless: Yes it maybe rice, but Egg Fried Rice is a dream and when mixed with this classic 90s film, it is a sure sign that good things are to come. Cher and the gang will make your Friday night in even more perfect.

5. Sweet and Sour Chicken and Freaky Friday: Whether it is the classic or the new version, the switch between the mother and daughter, is funny for the whole family and for some reason reminds me of the switching between tastes you get with this classic Chinese dish.

6. Chicken Chop Suey and Guardians of the Galaxy: Chop Suey sounds like a fighter, but this dish also is a sweet dish really. There so this film is the perfect blend of the two and one that you can lose yourself in whilst enjoying this great takeaway dish.

As an added bonus lovelies, yesterday my family trialled the brilliant Alcohol free Kopparberg ciders. Everyone in my house enjoys these drinks and when faced with Dry January, I am sure many of them would have been lost without this little treat. If you are not a drinker, like me, or you are continuing with Dry January for the rest of the year, these are the perfect little treats to go down with a takeaway, as they have the great taste, but no alcohol. We all tried the pear one and I can just imagine how nice this would be to enjoy under the hot summer sun. Bring it on lovelies! 

What films would you watch to celebrate the Chinese New Year and a great Friday night in? Let me know! Plus for those interested in being in with a chance of trialling the hungryhouse incense collection, tweet @hungryhouse using the hashtag #ChineseNewYear.'

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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