Hello February! Here Are My January Blogger Favourites...


Good Afternoon Lovelies,

January 2017 is nearly over and so far I can say that 2017 is looking like it is going to be a brilliant year lovelies! With incredible award films out in cinemas, book sequels about to be released and TV shows at their best, January had a lot to offer lovelies.

However, I have managed to shorten the list of my favourite things about the month to bring you my January favourites...

La La Land: If ever there was a film that could brighten up any winter evening this is it. It is like the sun has landed on earth and Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone have come out of it to give us a beautiful musical. This is one to watch all year through. In fact, it is one I could watch all the time! My heart has been captured.

Hamilton Tickets: Yesterday I waited in a queue for nearly two hours trying to get tickets for this show. While I have to wait until May next year, having the tickets has made me so excited that the soundtrack has been on repeat constantly since I got them.

Homeland: My favourite show is back on TV and it is already looking like it is back to its original form. I can’t wait to see how Carrie, Quinn and Saul take on this series. Especially Quinn, as Rupert Friend is playing his character amazingly!

Hidden Figures Soundtrack: If there is one soundtrack that you need to listen to (other than the La La Land) one, then this is the one for you. Pharrell Williams has made a soundtrack that captures the power of the women on screen and you will be dancing around your home to it.

Neutrogena Moisturiser: After a bad breakout due to the cold weather, I have found my skin hero in the form of this Neutrogena moisturiser. Sorting out my spots, dry skin and tired skin in a flash, this is the perfect winter skin pick me up.

The Pussyhat Project: Right now our world is changing and in many ways, it isn’t a positive thing. But one thing that is happening is that we are rising up and taking a stand against those who are threatening us. Whilst I couldn’t get to the women’s march, due to stupid train cancellations, I have been wearing my Pussyhat with pride and clapping, crying and shouting along with those raising their voices. Let’s do this people!!!

What were your favourite things about January?

Blog Soon,
Joey X

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