Fifty Shades Darker Review


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Yesterday lunchtime I went to the cinema to see the latest in the Fifty Shades franchise, Fifty Shades Darker. After reading the books, I knew what was to come but I wasn’t sure what was going to have happened, would the chemistry be better between the actors and would the film progress well.

Following on from the events of the first film, the sequel starts a few days after the first film ends. Christian and Ana, played by the returning Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson, have split up, but he is willing to change everything about his old lifestyle to work on their relationship.

However, their renewed romance isn’t allowed to happen easily and Christian’s past comes back to haunt him in the form of a stalker ex-sub and Elena, played by Kim Basinger, the women he shared his first S&M relationship with. Plus, throw in an evil boss and the story becomes a whole load darker.

There is a sense in this film that the filmmakers and actors know that this is a film for fans and people who will be going in to just take a break from everything else and the heavy award films on screen at the moment. Unlike the serious block script that the first film was full of, this one has flowing conversations, funny dialogue and a whole load of sarcasm from Johnson’s Ana.

It is what the film strives on and what makes the relationship between Dornan and Johnson so much better in this film. They actually seem like they are happy to play the characters this time around and Dornan appears to be more involved in the role, with more time given between filming to learn more about his character, after he was given the part late on during Fifty Shades of Grey.

Of course, the film is filled with a lot of sex scenes. Although, Darker captures a bit more fun between the two characters when they are being intimate on screen. The scenes don’t dominate as much as the previous film. They don’t rely on them as much to tell the story. Bit weird to say when it is what the film is about. But, this one seems a whole load more focused on the romance between the two characters.

Although, sometimes the quick pace of the sex scenes to show more romance does mean that the surrounding scenes happen very fast and it makes the film a little bit blocky. A reason that could be because of the scenes director James Foley has spoken of being cut from the film.

A returning factor that has always been a hit with these films is the soundtrack. Again, this film has captured the magic of the music and placed them in key moments within the film. They take away some of the intense factors of the film by adding in great voices and pieces that flow easily with the character’s moods or actions. A hidden gem being the great Nicki Minaj and Nick Jonas hit that is used in a saucy bedroom scene.

Whilst the film is obviously not going to be a hit with everyone, it is something, a bit ironic to say but lighter in a dark time. Not many people are going to go into the film with a serious head. Bad to say I know. But it is true. Dornan and Johnson are going to give audiences a sequel that isn’t as intense as other films have been and Foley has directed it with the kind of House of Card's direction he has shown before. Dark but with humour that will make people want to watch on.

Overall I enjoyed the film! With only one more in the franchise to go, this sequel will give fans and viewers something to enjoy whilst they wait for the end of these character’s story. The actors have connected better in this film and the story is a lot lighter than the intense first film (I know it is called darker by the way aha!). Foley and E.L James have obviously built a good relationship and this has transcended on screen.

The film will be sure to be a hit with audiences and fans of the books and films this Valentine’s Day (I am certain everyone in my cinema had already seen it, as they were all pregnant). It will be sure to match the money mark that the first one did. If not exceed it, as the intrigue to see how this story continues sets in.

Whilst it will not be an award-winning film, the story, script and acting was a whole load better and isn’t as dark as people or other critics (sorry lovelies) are saying or may think. Ultimately it works because you can laugh at something, for all the wrong reasons at times, instead of having to worry about what on earth is happening in the real world.

There so I am giving this shade of grey a bright…

3/5 Stars

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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