Goodbye December! My Favourite Things From The Month!


Good Afternoon Lovelies,

How are you all on the third day of January? I am currently sat in a very cold office, as I have gone back to work today, but I am not letting the chill get me down because so far 2017 has been amazing!

In fact, so was December which is why I have come to talk about some of my favourite things from the month! Starting with this one...

Christmas: As many people know Christmas is my favourite time of the year. I love it more than birthdays, summer and all the holiday’s mixed into one. I love turning into my village and seeing the houses all lit up. I love the presents under the tree and most importantly I love the family feel you get, especially because I was reunited with family we don’t get to see all the time.

Days Out: The weekend before Christmas my brother, his girlfriend and my nephew came to visit and it led to a very long but wintery day out in London. We headed over to Waterloo to see the Coca Cola van, Westminster in winter and then we were off to Hyde Park to take a look around Winter Wonderland. It was a lovely Christmas filled day to prepare us for the following weekend.

The Lion King: Every year we go to see a show in London and this year we went to see The Lion King. I was amazed from the moment it began until the show ended. If you haven’t seen it, there is no feeling like the one you get when you see the Circle of Life performed right in front of you.

Passengers: After reading a few reviews for this film I was a little worried about seeing it because I was really excited for it but people said it wasn’t so great. I completely disagree with those that didn’t like it lovelies. Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence are the perfect pairing on screen and the film touches on many genres meaning everyone can watch it.

This Is Us: I haven’t fallen in love with a show as much as I have with this one in a long time. I am obsessed with everything to do with it and I look forward to watching each episode. As a whole the cast is an absolute dream together and the story lines touch on many real life problems that you can connect with.

Lego: My Christmas was filled to the brim with Lego toys! When I go into a Lego shop I turn into a big kid and this year my whole family knew that this was the stuff to get me, even when I wasn’t sure what I really wanted for the big day. My mum was the ultimate winner though as she got my The Beatles Yellow Submarine set.

Chelsea Peers NYC PJ Sets: Upon going to the Ideal Home Show at the end of November I became obsessed with these PJ sets, however it took until Christmas Eve for me to get my hands on a pair and these sprouts were perfect. I have since hit up the sales to buy even more.

Future Plans: 2016 was the year I got the travel bug! 2017 is definitely going to be the year I return to places and explore new ones, starting with the promise of going back to Ireland with this very sweet stocking filler my mum got me! Dublin I am coming for you!

What were your favourite things in December lovelies?

Blog Soon,

Joey X

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