Check Out The Brand New Easter Collection From Cadbury!


Good Evening Lovelies, 

It maybe a little early to be speaking about this, but Easter is coming! Well in the Cadbury world that is! Upon arriving home from work, I was greeted to these amazing treats that are going to be part of their Easter selection this year.

From a giant Double Decker bar to a bundle of eggs, Cadbury are being more than generous when it comes to sizing this year. Each treat is perfectly packaged and in very festive packaging, so it was only right that we got stuck in and tried them all out.

In our house the Crème Eggs get saved to make festive brownies, but I don't think they will last that long in our house. However, there is now a solution as there is a brand new mini mix full of different kind of mini eggs that the family can enjoy without being as tempted as they will be on the big day.

Back again and in style is the great mini eggs, which I think if they ever left our shelves we would mourn hard. Honestly I think my mum would wear black!

This early sneak peek at the Easter choices Cadbury are going to be providing us with has got me very excited! I can already picture how the holiday is going to go down in our house. Just picture chocolate, films and TV box sets everywhere lovelies.

The new treats will be out very soon or could already be in your local supermarkets lovelies, so keep an eye out for them on your next shop! Especially that Double Decker! 

Blog Soon,
Joey X

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