Mum's List Film Launches New Mum’s List Legacy Workshops Around The World


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And how are you all? A few weeks ago the film, Mum’s List, was released in cinemas and after a successful run, as both a film and as a book, there has been some very exciting developments!

As of today, the film has launched, a unique wellness program – the Mum’s List Legacy (MLL) workshop – which helps people navigate the unpredictability of life with resiliency, courage and wisdom. Inspired by the wish that Kate has in the film, the workshops ultimately celebrate humanity.

“Ultimately, we must not deny that death and loss are things we will have to face with the same source of wisdom and mindfulness that we approach other aspects of suffering in our lives. Grief comes to inform us and enlighten us. It is painful, but provides the perspective and appreciation for joy,” said Derek O’Neill, the creator of the MLL workshop and executive producer of the film Mum’s List.

These workshops will be run around the world to help people with proven mindfulness techniques, meditations, and self-reflective exercises, the program teaches people to look within for insight about their life experiences and challenges providing guidance for creating positive change. All of which to help stress reduction, releasing fear and anxiety, enhancing the body’s resiliency, and cultivating inner-peace and personal empowerment.

Singe Greene, husband to Kate Greene and author of Mum’s List the book, said, “The book and workshop are already having a positive impact on people's lives! Making “that list” and experiencing the workshop first-hand has provided new insights into my own life, giving me direction and deepening my commitment to living a life with purpose, happiness and service to others. I highly recommend it.”

And even more incredibly lovelies is that all workshop proceeds will go to supporting their two children and charities around the world!

Find out more about it here lovelies:

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