Blogmas Day 3! Celebrating Christmas With Sainsbury's and Great Ormond Street Hospital


Good Afternoon Lovelies,

We have reached day three of Blogmas and I am very excited to share today’s post lovelies! At around 11:30am today, my postman delivered a very exciting parcel containing my first Christmas present of 2016. In very festive Dave themed presents, the parcel was from Sainsbury’s and it contained the coolest thing for budding filmmakers.

Working alongside Great Ormond Street Hospital this year, the supermarket is highlighting and donating money from their new advert (see below if you haven’t already watched it) to the charity to help them build a new space for parent accommodation so that they can stay with their children during the festive season.

I am 110% a supporter of this lovelies, so when they sent me a present asking them to get involved in their new fun adventure I was quick to stick on some Christmas music and get stuck in. Inside my present, which I know is very early to open, I found the home that Dave from the advert lives in, a director’s handbook and some delicious looking gingerbread versions of Dave.

Inside Dave’s home, there were several additional pieces that would help you to build a film using the smartphone app, which would allow you to upload them online to share with the team. Putting together, very simply, Dave’s family I kept thinking to how much I would have loved to have had something like this when I was little.

I know that most years at Christmas I would be asking for something for my dollies to live and play in and this would have been the icing on top of the cake. Now as a film lover, having the opportunity to turn into a big kid again to make some stop motion animations was a lot of fun. The pieces were easy to put together and instantly they felt at home. I have already told my mum that this needs to have a place somewhere amongst are decorations when they go up tomorrow.

Once they were all together I got to work on the 2D items. These were fancy gingerbread figures that you could change the emotions of and place onto a flat sheet to look like you were making the pieces or to make clever animations with as well. I liked the idea that this could be used to make a film, but also as the item to play with whilst mum or dad bakes if your child doesn’t like getting messy.

When this arrived, I had no idea what it was, but I am so amazed and happy with it. I love that it is getting children interested in technology. I love that it can be used for many things such as playing with dolls, as a Christmas item or as a filmmaker’s space. I like that there are so many opportunities for parents and children being made at Great Ormond Street because of this. As a Christmas treat for everyone that we can all get lost in during the festive season.

To find out more about the film kit visit here: or to see some of the videos already made and to add your own go to the Sainsbury’s Story Studio app in the app store for your phone or tablet.


What would your film be about lovelies? Let me know in the comments below or on social media!

Blog Soon,

Joey X

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