Blogmas Day 17! Make Festive Lunches For Your Children With Tropicana!


Good Evening Lovelies,

And how are you all today? Well, I hope! This time next weekend it will be Christmas Eve and I could not be more excited! Today I have dedicated my free house to watching a lot of Christmas films and TV shows to prepare for the big day.

This week marks the last week before Christmas for many children at school and so I thought it would be fun to make a bit of a different Blogmas post about preparing the ultimate Christmas lunch box treats.

Early this morning I received a big box full of goodies from Tropicana, which included a very cool crocodile lunch box, bamboo sticks, some snack boxes and the cutest, tiniest and sweetest bottles of Tropicana orange and apple juices.

Only 150ml’s each, the small bottles are made up of 100% pure fruit juice, counting as one of your five a day, and the perfect additions to anyone’s lunch box. They are also the perfect thing to carry around when doing your festive shopping, in the car when travelling this festive season or as mentioned before in your child/children’s lunch boxes as a little treat.

These treats can be even more festive this Christmas, by following these helpful tips on how to make their lunch box the best in the lead up to Christmas…

Add little messages or notes about how close it is to Santa coming – While most children open up an advent calendar in the morning, you can boost their excitement by reminding them that they haven’t got long until he arrives and to remain good in school to stay on the nice list. 

Place a special treat that they don’t normally get in their lunch box – Add something into their lunch box that they might not normally have, as a sort of additionally advent treat. This will make them feel special and like they are getting a mini Christmas present every day. A fruit or vegetable that you would like them to try is the perfect addition.

Create an orange treat that will surprise them in their lunch box – When I was at school and the Christmas festival time would arrive, our teachers would help us make these orange treats with toothpicks, different fruits to add in more of our five a day and raisins. For some reason, it always made everything seem more festive and encouraged me to eat the fruit.

Give them a little bottle surprise – By placing in their favourite juice by Tropicana, they will look like the coolest kids this Christmas, as they can drink from these cute little bottles and get some added important vitamins. Plus, as one of their five a day, they are a healthy treat that looks good too.

Put in a treat that they can share with their friends – Christmas is a time for sharing, so by adding in something that the children can share together will not only make them look cool but it will also make them appreciate giving or sharing with others. When I was in primary school we would share all sorts on our birthday and at Christmas, but there is so much you can now add into a child’s lunch box to be shared including mini raisin packets, Tropicana bottles of juice, grapes or cucumber nests with little cherry tomatoes that make it look like they have a fresh veggie Christmas treat.

By adding in some of these tips or by placing in the bottles to your child's lunchbox you will be changing the views of 72% of us, who think it is hard to be healthy on the go. Especially as lunch is the meal when most people forget to have one of our five a day. The bottles are £2.99 each lovelies and can be brought from many supermarkets over the festive period and beyond that.

Let me know if you plan on making special lunches for the people in your life and what you are going to include!

Blog Soon,

Joey X

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