Blogmas Day 16! Find Out What I Got For Secret Santa And Be Inspired


Good Morning Lovelies,

And how are you all? Today’s post is a bit of a big thank you to someone in my team today! Yesterday my office did Secret Santa and one of my best friends at work had me (I only found this out yesterday aha!).

After joking with me that I should write about it on the blog, I have decided to actually do so to thank her for such amazing gifts. Hasnai and I have only known each other for the past four months, but she managed to get me a bunch of presents that really match my style.

I also wanted to share them with you all because I think they are perfect gifts that you can get for that special someone you know or for your own Secret Santa because they are perfect.

Thank you Hasnai for these perfect treats...

Little Miss Christmas Mug: I had my eye on this mug for a long long time and thought about buying it, but my mum banned me from buying any more mugs aha! It is perfect that Hasnai got me this because I can now use it and celebrate my official new title aha!

2017 Diary: Yesterday and a few weeks ago my water bottle leaked in my bag soaking my diary. This new diary is perfect for working throughout the year and keeping all my information stored. It is thin, which is perfect when placed in my bag and I love the blue print as it is my favourite colour. 

Hot Chocolate Snowman: These two tiny jars fit together to make a snowman, with the added bonus of having hot chocolate in them. The top jar fits in some sweet tiny marshmallows, whilst the bottom has sugar and hot chocolate that can instantly be poured into warm milk or water to get that classic Christmas drink.

Dirty Works Bath Set: Coming in three different sized boxes, the gift included bath caviar, bath fizzers and some body butter. I have yet to smell or use them, but just from the gift boxes, this item is very cute! Definitely a must for the beauty king or queen in your life.

I feel very spoiled and I can’t thank Hasnai enough for my treats because they were all perfect! I hope that you can use her great gifts to find something for that someone in your life too.

What did you all get for Secret Santa lovelies? Let me know!

Blog Soon,

Joey X

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