A Recap Of Some Of The Best TV Shows Of 2016!


Good Morning Lovelies,

We did it! We have finally come to the end of 2016, one of the worst years in our history! It wasn’t all doom and gloom as I pointed out yesterday though and there are some moments I am sure we will all look back on and smile about.

Including the introduction of some of the best TV shows that we were introduced to or welcomed back into the world of this year. It is time we looked back over them to celebrate the end of the year and the things we are excited to have return in 2017.

This Is Us: After hearing so much about this when it first started in America, the show finally reached the UK in December and instantly broke our hearts to. It is a show with twists, love and most of all an emotional rollercoaster that you don’t want to get off as it leaves you begging for more.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: Catching this show a little later than others, the musical episodes brought a lot of joy into my life, as we learnt about Rebecca, Josh and Greg. Their love triangle will continue to be a highlight for many of us who watched it develop.

The Crown: Hitting Netflix in the late Autumn months, this show took us back in time to the early reign of Queen Elizabeth II and the figures who influenced her early years. It soon became a show that you could easily lose an afternoon (or a day!) with.

Victoria: From one royal show to another, this was the highlight of my Sunday for a long time and it wasn’t only because of the gorgeous Tom Hughes as Prince Albert. I think we can all now safely say that Queen Victoria was a very cool lady.

Poldark: Also, appearing back on our screens in Autumn was the lovely Poldark, however this series he wasn’t as lovely and the darkness of the show was brought out from very early on. However, we did all fall in love with a certain doctor.

Outlander: This show gripped many of us in 2015 and with the return of a second series, it took us to France for more drama. Jamie and Claire faced many horrible moments and the heartbreaking finale has left us hoping that series three brings happiness for the pair.

Orange Is The New Black: Probably the best series of the show to date, it is still shocking to think of the elements that made it up. From the prison tragedy that broke all our hearts to the gripping cliff-hanger of an ending, season four has made everyone impatient with the need to see season five.

The Fall: Fancying a serial killer is not something we are usually happy to admit or even think of doing, but when Jamie Dornan returned to our screens we all fell in love again. Add his partner in crime Gillian Anderson and the show gave us a final season that we will not be forgetting for a long time.

The Great British Bake Off: When the news broke that the show would be moving to Channel 4, it caused more headlines and intrigue than you might have thought possible. It also made us all fall in love with the BBC series, as we tucked into the delicious treats for one final showstopper of a season.

Lemonade: This Beyonce special was one of the biggest treats we got in 2016 as we got to experience the entire album in a beautiful and danceathon way. Beyonce gave us Hold Up and Sorry and for that we rocked 2016 in our own way.

What show did you lose yourself in in 2016?

Blog Soon,
Joey X

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