Goodbye October! My October Monthly Favourites With A Difference!


Good Afternoon Lovelies, 

After a very bad week for some of us, a good week for others and a mad mad world last week, I have decided to change my October favourites post to feature some of the things that went right with the world in October. 

From funny Halloween videos to people showing that the world is a beautiful place, this blog post is here to celebrate everything we know lovelies. Take a look and enjoy...

Jimmy Kimmel Halloween Video: Every year Jimmy Fallon makes sure that we all get a good laugh out of parents tricking their innocent children into thinking they have eaten all of their Halloween sweets. A perfect treat to make you laugh! 

James Corden Candy Video: Halloween means that sweets and treats come hand in hand and this music video by James Cordon and Niall Horan made us all laugh about what we might expect at our door this year. 

Trolls: In October we found that we all wanted to have bright crazy hair and go on an around the world tiny trip with the Trolls. 

A Gorilla Escapes at London Zoo: While it may not be funny that this lovely animal is trapped or that people were put in danger, it is quite funny when you find out that during his escape he drunk a lot and I mean a lot of blackcurrant! 

London Film Festival: When the glitz and glamour arrived in London in the form of the annual film festival so many of us rejoiced. Now we need the award season to watch them all over again or for the first time. 

What happened in October that made you really happy lovelies? Let me know! 

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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