Get Ready For #PorridgeSeason With Quaker Oats Porridge


Good Afternoon Lovelies,

Since I started eating healthy I never miss breakfast. In fact, I find it my most exciting meal of the day and in winter there is nothing better than a big and I mean big bowl of warm milky porridge. To be able to come and blog straight away lovelies, it is my ultimate brain food. I will admit though that I am a little boring and like mine plain and really milky, but for many people the toppings are endless and the meal becomes an experiment on its own.

As of October, these toppings and bowls have been growing in numbers, as Quaker Oats have discovered that at all times of the day, we are enjoying porridge. Yes, it is no longer a breakfast dish, as we apparently enjoy it in the morning, at lunchtime and even as dinner and as a snack a lot of the time. Plus with so many health benefits including it being a good source of fibre, helping to lower cholesterol and having very little saturated fat and salt, it really shows why 34% of us have chosen to eat it for health reasons.

All of this news has launched the #PorridgeSeason in the UK which lasts until the 26th March when the weather gets a little warmer. Although I will admit I could eat it all year round. So with porridge fever already hitting us, as it started on the 30th October this year, Instagram has been alight with pictures of people enjoying the classic dish. So I thought it was time I joined in.

Kindly Quaker Oats sent me a lovely selection of their range, including on the go porridge sachets, which would be great for me to take to the office, and the classic wholegrain oats. As well as a number of recipes for me to try on top of the dish.

Seeing as the whole family was here this weekend, I decided we should have a porridge morning and everyone got stuck in with their dish. The company who sent me the items also sent me some popcorn so I placed that out for them to maybe add to their porridge as an extra film inspired treat lovelies.

In our home, there is a big love of porridge. I can remember sitting with my mum after she came out of hospital and watching the first Bridget Jones film together on the sofa with our bowls of porridge. And now I was sitting with the whole family over breakfast to do the same thing in #PorridgeSeason.

I am definitely going to try one of the recipes that Anna Jones and Edd Kimber created for Quaker Oats, but today I felt like I wanted my good old fashioned milky dish. I am so obsessed with it lovelies that when I arrived in Ireland it was the first food I went for aha! 6am and already on the porridge.

After our family breakfast, we sat with our empty bowls and full bellies, all warm and happy. Even if the weather wasn’t as warm and happy. Porridge season may only last until March but Quaker has created a selection we can use all the time lovelies, so definitely get stuck in.

What is your favourite way to eat porridge lovelies? Let me know!

Blog Soon,
Joey X

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