A Letter To The Teenager In Victoria's Secret: Don't Worry!


Good Morning Lovelies,

I wouldn’t normally write about something like this on here, but I felt that I had to say something. Since yesterday this has been playing on my mind and I know it isn’t a long amount of time, but to me, I need to say this.

Yesterday I went to the Ideal Home Show at Christmas before popping into the Shepherds Bush Westfield centre. If you have ever been you will know that this centre has a lot more designer or high-end brands and while I can walk in and dream about everything I want (Hello Burberry), I do always end up window shopping then buying.

It was in one of the other stores though in which what I am about to talk about happened. Weirdly this Christmas I would like some fancy lingerie. I have no one to impress, but there is something about having a good bra and knicker set that makes you feel more confident I think.

This led me to go into Victoria’s Secret. Whilst looking at the big selection of pants and doing a Bridget Jones scene of comparing sizes, I overheard three teenage girls, around 14/15, talking. Two of them were discussing the fact they were going to buy £90 worth of pants whilst one of the girls stood to the side.

Upon going up to the till they kept asking her why she wouldn’t buy anything and really badgering her about it until she admitted that she didn’t have enough money to do so. She looked so sad, as the two girls turned and carried on talking about what they were going to buy.

It was this small scene that made me want to go up to the small girl and give her a hug. I didn’t because it may have been weird and when you are that age it would have been very embarrassing, but my heart really felt for this young girl. Because I use to be her.

Growing up I was never without anything, but I knew that my parents struggled with money at times and still do. Whenever I would go out with friends and their parents would give them money to spend, it would always be more than I had and I didn’t mind but it did cause situations like the girls above. However, I am now thankful for those moments and I want to say to the girl that it will all be okay.

You might feel like you aren’t good enough because you can’t afford items. You might think that you aren’t dressed up or as fancy as them. You might think that boys or girls won’t look at you because you don’t have the fancy clothes, makeup or accessories that others do. But I PROMISE you that is not the case.

The way I was brought up and the struggles we had have taught me that money is important but it doesn’t make the world go around as much as you might think. When you reach a certain age, you will see that saving up for that special item is so much more rewarding. You will become the one who can afford the items and you will treasure them so much.

Believe me, as someone who still dreams of having a Burberry coat, a Tom Ford suit, and an Alexander McQueen skull ring, I know that it is hard when you don’t have these things. But remember this, it doesn’t matter if it is from a car boot or Cartier, they are just a brand, a name and something that one day you will cherish.

I am thankful for all the toys my parents got for me off car boots because I have childhood memories of them. I am also thankful for the things that I know cost them a whole lot more than they had at Christmas and on birthdays because I know that they worked hard to make sure I had them.

So to the young girl who looked heartbroken in Victoria’s Secret please know that you will one day have it all. In fact, you already do! Just put on whatever brand pants you have, dance around your room and live your life to fullest, because that is bigger and better than anything else. Put away the sad look and have fun. Find that thing that makes you happy and embraces it no matter what it is.

For a long time, I was afraid to speak out about my love of films. Now you can’t shut me up about them. In fact, people probably wish they could shut me up about them. But that is my thing and you definitely will have yours. Use the power you have to do something about it. Make your own pants and turn them into a brand. Create a place to show people how they can make a difference. Do something that is yours and everything else will become easier.

And together, along with so many around the world, we will get the dream items, experiences and memories wherever we are and no matter what. Whatever they are!

Joey X

(P.S. I didn’t buy the pants and I am still dreaming of that Burberry coat too!)

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