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When I think about the biggest films of the year, The Hunger Games series is always up there! And with the beginning of the end starting this month with 'The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1’ I couldn't wait to see how the characters had developed since the last film! To say the least I was not disappointed!

We return to the world of Panem, with no Peeta and a world full of loss. The fight that was in our heroine Mathias has left and in replace we see a very fragile human being. However with a little work from her team and a horrific message from the Capitol starring the only person she has ever fought for, our girl is back and ready to take on those who are threatening everything she believes in and hurting the ones she loves.

I have to say that when the film started it was a little slow to begin with, but after much thought I realised that this was my own personal need to see Peeta in the film. After reading the books I knew what was to come for our characters and so the wait for this caused me to feel like it was a little slow. But that feeling was soon lost when we were able to see some off the revolution scenes taking place. These tiny moments added the realness that this is happening right now.

The plot was a perfect starting point for the end and has left us with a incredible starting point for the final film, because as am audience member you can tell that the action is going to be another level in the final film. Katniss is back and while she is carrying around a lot of guilt and hurt, she still manages to be the main focus of every scene with ease, even when she isn't meant to be in them. You are left wanting to see her characters every action and every emotion throughout the start of her final journey. And the way in which Jennifer Lawrence plays it is incredible. No one else could play Katniss and no one else could make the performances as real as she does. Her performance will go down in cinematic history!

This realness is also added in the scenes in which Peers and Finnick appear; who are two characters that have lost their strength by allowing the Capitol to manipulate them into believing death is the only way. As an audience member while I was captured by the on screen action and actions from Katniss, as well as the superb acting from Jennifer Lawrence, it was Sam Claflin and Josh Hutcherson that stole the show! Especially from Hutcherson!

For the past two films we have the sweet innocent Peeta, however now that has been tarnished and in its place was a fragile weak man, who was dying to protect those he loves. Whenever he appears you knew it was going to cause a reaction on screen, not only from the characters but for where they lived as well. He protects them against President Snow when he can't protect himself from him. Hutcherson really steps up in this film and shows his acting ability that makes him a stand out young actor in Hollywood today. I wanted to protect Peeta from the evil around him and if you don't feel the same there is something wrong.

As an audience we also get to explore the world of Gale a little more, who up and to this point has been left behind to protect District 12. Still as hard headed as before, the character is still guarded as he plays the guard and I feel that if they had included his family in this film, like they do in the book, we would have got a whole look at Gale like we have of Mathias and Peeta. The annoying parts of him are still present on screen because he hasn't changed and the hard headed nature he has developed have become worse. I still enjoy seeing him on screen and as a character but I just feel like we needed to see the family side of him to allow bigger picture to be painted.

And for the other members of cast I could not fault any of them in this film. New or old, they were all on top form to bring the story together, especially Haymitch and Effie who are both huge scene stealers but much needed ones to break up the unbearable tension that some moments of the film are filled with. Whenever I see these two I feel they are the parents that Katniss always needed and in this film, this was represented a lot. Especially with Haymitch's need to protect her from the evil world she is now surrounded by.

Going back to the plot of the film, there is an element of it that I always pick up on and that is the music. In this film music is key to the starting of the revolution, because we get to hear Katniss sing the hanging tree song! Such a huge part of the book completely changes this film and gives it an exciting moment of change that leaves fans sitting on the edge of your seat and raring to go along with the character's and the Districts.

Talking about the Districts, I could not and I don't think the rest of the audience could believe what had become of District 12! For a 12 certification, this film pushes the boundaries with its take on the destruction of the district and makes it a very dark scary place, with an absolutely horror story to go with it. It leaves you uncomfortable as an audience member and I can imagine younger audiences being scared by it. However it does match the description that was featured in the book perfectly!

Overall I found that 'The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part  1’ was the perfect beginning for the end for the film franchise and the cast and crew have worked together to create a masterpiece that will shock, sadden and make their audience laugh, which is everything we need in a film like this. I said it before I saw it and I will say it now I have, because this is the film I have been waiting all year to see! This is the film lf the year!

Therefore I am not mocking anyone with this…

5 Stars

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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