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It has been a little while since we had a new film, so I thought we would bring this tradition back with a little bit of fun! That's right the latest film in the Divergent series, 'Insurgent' has released a new teaser today and it is packing the action in. 

Raising the adventure levels to new heights, 'Insurgent' follows Tris and Four who are now on the run from Jeanine, the evil Erudite leader. Looking for allies and answers to her unanswered questions, the pair must race against time to find out the sacrifices Tris' family made to save them. 

However with the Erudite leaders chasing them, Tris finds herself haunted by her previous choices and is left fighting them off with Four by her side, to unlock the truth and the future of the world they are living in. 

The film is out on the 20th March 2015, but you can watch the new teaser for it here...

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