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It is that time of the day lovelies! Release news time and today we have three to talk about! With one from Lionsgate and two more from 4DVD, shall we get started? Let's...

The first release from 4DVD is 'Hockney', the incredible film all about David Hockney, which takes you inside the world of the artist and his archive. The film also features those closest to him and his exploration of a time that changed the art world. 

It is out on DVD from the 15th December lovelies!

Also from 4DVD is 'The Keeper of Lost Causes' a new Nordic thriller that is going to cause a stir for fans of 'The Killing'. It has an amazing team of producers behind it and is a hit with critics, so you may want to have a look out for this when it is released on DVD, Blu-ray and VOD on the 22nd December lovelies. 

And finally from Lionsgate is 'The Prince' which stars Bruce Willis and John Cusack, in this new thriller that was created by the people behind 'Lone Survivor'. Exploring the world of crime, this one is sure to get your hearts racing on the 29th December when it is out on DVD and Blu-ray! 

That will stop the family arguments aha!

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