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I am starting this Monday off with a very exciting and very early piece of news, as the winners of the BAFTA Children Awards were announced yesterday and I wanted to share them all with you! I will be working a lot on the Christmas Gift Guide today, but I will still be posting lovelies! 

Hosted by Doc Brown, stars gathered at the Roundhouse to mark the best in Children's entertainment! With celebrities and performers attending, the night was a huge success for many including 'Katie Morag', 'Dick and Dom' and multiple TV channels, who were at the event!

Each vote counted including that of the BAFTA Kids' Vote, which was voted by the public and announced on the night. It seemed to be a very popular way of voting and created a huge stir. Also announced on the night was the Special Award given to Peter Firmin for his contribution to Children's entertainment!

The event included some first time winners and many repeat winners, all of which that I wanted to share with you on the blog. So please enjoy and celebrate these winners...

Animation Programme Winner: 'Shaun The Sheep'

Channel Of The Year Programme Winner: Cartoon Network

Comedy Programme Winner: 'Diddy Movies 2'

Drama Programme Winner: 'Katie Morag'

Entertainment Programme Winner: 'Junior Bake Off'

Factual Programme Winner: 'Operation Ouch!'

Feature Film Winner: 'The Lego Movie'

Game Winner: 'Mario Kart 8'

Independent Production Company Of The Year Winner: Kindle Entertainment LTD

Interactive Adapted Winner: 'Disney Animated' 

Interactive Original Winner: 'Dixi'

International Programme Winner: 'Adventure Time'

Primary Learning Programme Winner: 'Lizard Girl'

Secondary Learning Programme Winner: 'Poetry: Between The Lines'

Performer Winner: Cherry Campbell, 'Katie Morag'

Preschool Animation Programme Winner: 'Sarah & Duck'

Preschool Live Action Programme Winner: 'Old Jack's Boat'

Presenter Winner: Richard McCourt and Dominic Wood, 'Absolute Genius With Dick And Dom'

Short Form Winner: 'CITV Share A Story 2013'

Writer Winner: Debbie Moon, 'Wolfblood'

These next few winners were chosen by the BAFTA Kids' Vote 2014...

Film Winner: 'Frozen'

Game Winner: 'Minecraft'

Television Winner: 'Jessie'

Website Winner: 'Bin Weevils'

I can tell you all that my niece and nephew will be really happy with all of these winners aha! 

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Joey X

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