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I knew mostly all of the actors in this film and what they had previously worked on, but I think this film is one of their best features. ‘This is Where I Leave You’ will have you laughing one minute and nearly crying the next at the honest portrayal of a broken family. 

Following four adults as they return home after their father’s death, the family must come together to support each other and their mother who has changed a little bit since they last saw her. However the family are struggling to support each other when they can’t even support themselves. 

Fey, Bateman and Driver are the stand out performances in this film, as the most troubled figures within it. While Fonda is a spark within it, these three have something about them that makes you want to watch on and learn what the characters are going through. They seem like they have been stripped of their normal comedic acting and give the audience a raw inside look at their characters pain. 

And really this has to be put down to the incredible plot. Full of the family mishaps that take place, this imperfect family are likeable because they are not too cheesy and they know how to get their audience to relate to them on a certain level. It is put together so well and the characters that feature in the film are well casted. 

One thing that I did really enjoy about this film is the soundtrack and score. Beautifully place pieces worked well with certain scenes, so much so that I am thinking of putting them on my iPod. I always appreciate a good soundtrack to a film and this one did not disappoint. 

Overall the film and the cast were perfect for a winter watch when you will normally all be sat together. It is as if they knew exactly how to play their cards right with this cast and plot together and if I was one of the filmmakers I would be very happy with the outcome of this film, because many audience members will be able to relate to the characters within it, making it a success!

Therefore I am leaving this film with a huge…

4 Stars

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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