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Another East End gangster film review now my lovelies, and this one just doesn’t live up to much. Again I can’t review this film that much because and I am sorry to say this, I had to stop watching it. I just knew that it wasn’t going to change and so I didn’t want to watch anymore of it. 

‘The Smoke’ is a gangster film with not a lot of grit and with a cast that lacks in enthusiasm I couldn’t watch them be in a film that I don’t think they were that happy about. When they are trying to give us the ultimate action, they just don’t seem to be into it and so it becomes a bit hard to watch. 

As for the plot, it is not a new idea and I think many will guess where it is going from the onset. It is easy to see the methods that have been used and the way in which they are making it look like some of the great gangster films, but not putting in enough to be able to make it strong enough. 

Therefore this film is getting a…

1 Star

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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