Hello Lovelies, 

So I arrived early at uni, which means I have a little time to blog before my lesson starts. I can tell today is going to be pretty intense, so I may be a little tired later when I blog, which does mean it might not make any sense aha. I will try to make it work but it might be a little weird! Warning! 

Right now though I am super pumped and ready to tell you all about some more release news I have just heard about. 

'Soda Pictures' have announced that 'The Goob', a new film about a family and the struggles of boyhood for the teenager in the film, will premiere at LFF. It has a brilliant British cast and looks like one of the hottest films at this year's festival, as it is part of the first feature competition! 

Catch it at the fest on the 10th, 12th and 15th October! 

The next piece of release news I have to share with you is from Studiocanal about the film 'Charlie's Country', which follows a man who is living in the Aboriginal community and struggling to come to terms with the new rules the government are placing in their community. It was a hit film at Cannes Film Festival and will be screening at LFF, so have a look out for it lovelies! 

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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