Hello Lovelies, 

I am off out in a little while to see an old friend and to catch Lee Evans at the O2. I am really pumped to see him at last, because I am a huge fan but haven't been able to catch him before, so hopefully he will be amazing! I am sure he will be! 

However I wanted to come on here and tell you about all the latest film news and releases before I go and if I receive anything new while I am out, I will blog about it tomorrow! Promise! And as of Monday I am going to be starting the weekly Halloween reviews, in the lead up to the big day! 

This post lovelies, features a new release from Sony Entertainment called 'Art of the Steal', which stars Kurt Russell, Jay Baruchel, Terence Stamp & Matt Dillon. The film will be out on DVD and Blu-ray from the 27th October and digitally from the 13th October!

Following Russell's character who is a motorcycle daredevil who turns into a thief when he helps his brother steal one of the most valuable books in the world. The release also includes many special features including, audio commentary, behind the scenes featurettes, interviews and making of featurettes! 

Catch it before someone tries to steal it from you to watch!

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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