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Sorry for the long pause between posts, I went to see the film at LFF which was amazing! And then I had to help my mu, finish uni work, workout and then do a bit more uni work. It was a little hectic, but I am here and ready to give you some new interviews, release news and review! So let's get started! 

The cast of the up and coming horror film 'Annabelle' have come together to speak about the making of the film, as well as the scariest stuff they have faced. Watch these interviews with Annabelle Wallis and director John Leonetti...


 I would not have even been able to step on set with that doll on there! And I will not be happy with anyone who comes to my door this Halloween with this mask:  http://bit.ly/AnnabelleSelfie  I beg people in my village; please don't come to my house with it! It is bad enough with the clowns aha! 

If you want to lovelies and are not as scared of the doll as me lovelies, you can download the films app right here as well: http://bit.ly/BecomeAnnabelle

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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