Hello Lovelies, 

I am about to go a bit mad with loads of videos from 'The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1' and I don't care because I am a fangirl and they are awesome aha! Who else is ready to see this film? It seems like we have been waiting a very long time for it and I just want it now! 

But I understand that we must prepare for viewing it by watching the Capitol TV videos from District 5 and 9! Posted on Wednesday and Thursday, the videos are teaching us all about what their District famous for and true fans must learn from them. 

On Wednesday, District 5 took over with Derek Muller, who is known for his scientific work on Youtube channel ‘Veritasium’, telling us all about how the Capitol gets its energy and how it is generated...


And on Thursday District 9 took centre stage, with Jimmy Wong & Ashley Adams, who work on Youtube Channel 'Feast of Fiction’, showing us the best baking skills in the grain district of Panem...

I have two more clips to share with you in the next post, but I am going to warn you that my heart actually hurts when I watch them. I think it is the fangirl in me, but when you see them I think you will have the same feeling lovelies!

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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